The Godwins

Ben and Michelle have been married since 1992.
They work as a team in ministry. Michelle is a preacher's daughter, pianist, organist and singer.
She has taught teen Sunday School classes and worked in youth ministry for over 30 years.
She attended Lee University, taught women's art/Pinterest classes at
Bevill State Community College, speaks and directs art projects
at ladies' conferences and is a devoted wife and mother.

Ben and Michelle have been blessed with three children: Nathan, Emily and Noah.

 Nathan (24) graduated from Lee University with a double major in Theology & History.
He is now enrolled in Lee's Masters program in the School of Religion and serves as a Resident Director. 
He has taken mission trips to Honduras and Suriname, and educational tours of Israel, England, Scotland & Ireland.
He recently married Emma Latham, his high school sweetheart and a graduate of UAB.

Emily (20) graduated from Sumiton Christian High School in 2016. She is now a senior at Lee University,
studying graphic design, photography and business. She has taken a mission trip
to Honduras and an educational tour of England, Scotland and Israel.

Noah (13) plays drums in church and in his school praise band. He is a 8th grader at Sumiton Christian
School where he plays JV football and basketball. He also plays the bass guitar and is learning the electric guitar.