A Treasury of Timeless Truths




Take a thrilling treasure hunt through God’s great gold mine—the Bible!

Every chapter of this book contains rich revelation on various biblical themes. Jesus compared the kingdom of heaven to hidden treasure buried in a field (Mt. 13:44). Something hidden must be discovered. The Bible is a treasure trove of timeless, transforming truths. It is loaded with divinely inspired nuggets of wisdom that have the power to greatly enrich and enhance every aspect of your life. Like precious, priceless gemstones, these cherished concepts aren’t typically seen laying on the surface, easily discovered by the casual Bible reader. Those who want more must dig down deep to find the hidden treasures in Scripture. Remember, “No one ever graduates from Bible study until he meets its Author face to face.” So, grab a shovel, fellow prospectors, and let’s dig deep, expecting to strike a mother lode of golden truths together. (248 page paperback)